Start Vivaha porutham online dating

Vivaha porutham online dating

This page presents to you jathaka porutham in malayalam, also called , which considers not just the vasya porutham that is the reason for your finding one person attractive, but also the other 12 poruthams which are required to have a happy and prosperous married life as we wish the couple on the day of the wedding.

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Kerala is referred to as “Gods own country” and in some reason or the other this reference is worthwhile and holds value.

Kerala is one the oldest states of India and has large number of temples and shrines which reflects the cultural heritage of this beautiful land.

10 Porutham is a system that has been devised by the Ancient Indian sages to check the level of adaptability or adjustability between partners by finding the poruthams or the kootas which are ten in number and hence the name.